no, it's ok. thanks though


holy shit this is the best

A silence fell about the room with harsh
And heavy calm
The lovers and the friends all felt the same
It kept us warm

We raised our glass and drank to times we had
But’d see no more
The pictures of the past would haunt us still
And there remains

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well that’s pretty neat

i want to know what “sanded photographs” means.this woman’s art is fucking remarkable

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i want to know what “sanded photographs” means.

this woman’s art is fucking remarkable



i don’t know if i’ve posted this before but i don’t care, this is the best

Not fatal if swallowed.
Not fatal, if swallowed.

spent a lot of time with my cousin the past few days. he is always trying to pin down what mythological archetypes people and situations remind him of. especially greek gods/goddesses.

he told me i have a lot of “Hephaestus” energy. he started explaining something about fire, pursuit of a craft, metalwork, hammer blows, and something about creative eruption, something about volcanoes and something about vulcan

"but Hephaestus was the lame god," he reminded me.

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Become an HSN Show Host

it’s always good to be ambitious

one day. one day.