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i don’t know if i’ve posted this before but i don’t care, this is the best

Not fatal if swallowed.
Not fatal, if swallowed.

spent a lot of time with my cousin the past few days. he is always trying to pin down what mythological archetypes people and situations remind him of. especially greek gods/goddesses.

he told me i have a lot of “Hephaestus” energy. he started explaining something about fire, pursuit of a craft, metalwork, hammer blows, and something about creative eruption, something about volcanoes and something about vulcan

"but Hephaestus was the lame god," he reminded me.

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Become an HSN Show Host

it’s always good to be ambitious

one day. one day.

"maybe blah blah blah valentine’s day

blah blah blah crash bandiCUTE”

- another idea i’ll never finish

so we steal japan’s super sentai footage so we can make power rangers, then they take TMNT and turn the turtles into sailor senshi/voltron

sounds like a fair trade-off

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Blowfly Girl

if you get squeemish/grossed out easily, this might not be such a good idea

what a sad story. while i doubt this is real, there are people who really fetishize their self-loathing and it is pretty amazing what strange fetishes and needs and fantasies spawn from and are fed by that kind of self-image.

i know that whatever weird shit people are into is their own private matter and i guess it’s really not for me to voice judgment about (we are all fucked up), but my heart aches a bit when i think of people who want to bury themselves so deep underneath everything else because they feel they deserve to be there.

the vocalist is a parrot.